Towards which direction

Yes, it’s summer now, and my result was out two weeks ago. It wasn’t great.
I’ve always been an average student, getting only average results. But something happened to me this year, and I decided to work harder and make more effort to do well. I ended up getting lower grades compared to my normal average. It came to a point where I had to look deep inside and ask myself about what went wrong. In the beginning, I was bitter and resentful. It was only later that I managed to move on to thinking positively and treading the fine line between developing positive thoughts and being in denial.
Often in life, there are many things such as career, studies and relationships that might not go well, even though extraordinary effort had been put into it. In this post, I will be telling myself (or anyone out there) that there shouldn’t be any time to feel too late to start fresh. If working harder doesn’t work, I will work differently. At this confused state of mind, it probably doesn’t matter which direction to head to, as neither of them is right nor wrong.
One of the shopping streets in Glasgow

Alex’s bicycle. And it’s his photo obviously.

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