Exquisite bubble

Two years might be a short or long period depending on different people and different events. Today marks the second dating anniversary between me and Alex. Two years sounds like a short dating period to me, but it seems like both of us have been together for a very very long time. Perhaps it’s because we have been seeing each other almost 24/7 since we started to be together or we have already known each other for about 6 years! Or maybe more accurately, we have gone through quite a lot together – joyful times, stressful periods, sleepless nights! Our relationship is perhaps more memorable with the typical story where two people dislike each other in the beginning but then got together in the end. Ironic but true.

So, to celebrate this small event, we will be spending half the day on train and airplane to Bordeaux for a 4 days 3 nights trip. We decided to fly today mainly because of my job and the cheap tickets. A little complaint here – It’s supposed to be a surprise trip by Alex, but I ended up doing all the bookings! No more surprise… He better memorise all the information from the travel book he just bought and plan the rest of the itinerary… It’s a short trip, and the celebration is actually just an excuse to travel. I need a break!


Wonderful photos from Felicia, with a bit of photoshop

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