Blog revival

Enough of resting (procrastinating) to blog. There was a moment where I felt unmotivated to blog because I have lost the interest to share the little details in my life. (especially when, parents are reading! and the possibilities of getting nagged.) Not that I have an interesting life with loads of Uni work, but I also didn’t really have the time to think / reflect about the ongoing things in life and then put them into words. Some readers might not be so interested with what I think and do, but obviously I should care more about those who cares. Anyway, it was blogging (and Alex) that improved my writing skills and helped me to survive through the last Uni year which required a lot of writings. Here’s a tip – I always started all my writing assignments by getting into the writing rhythm first with Windows Live Writer.

JPEG Image (213236)JPEG Image (216555)

Some photos from a study trip that I managed to recover from a reformatted SD card! Precious.

p.s. i’m on my holiday now when this is posted. Keeping my resolution of updating the blog.

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