Little differences

A few days ago I blogged about wanting to work differently because working harder didn’t seem to work. Architecture involves many personal emotions in designing and is also often about attitude, so I figured I should start with adopting a new attitude in life. I figured a small change or choice will perhaps make a small difference in life and eventually a lot of small differences will lead to a big difference.

So, sometimes I start to have these small thoughts in my mind when I have to make little choices. When I have to choose an item or a colour, I choose the opposite of what I would normally choose.

In relation to that, here’s a little story. One late afternoon, I was wandering around on the shopping streets alone waiting for Alex. I randomly walked into a coffee shop. I didn’t order a hot chocolate which I would normally do, but instead took a bottle of fruit juice from the fridge. It was a brand that I have never tried. I took it because – 1. I wanted a change and 2. I was fascinated with their advertisement that I just saw – there was a car going around in the city, wrapped in artificial grass and with posters of their latest organic drink on the windows. Not only that, I chose the kiwi-apple flavour over the normal mango flavour that I would go for, as if the little things will change something in my life. Yes, silly and probably sounds ridiculous, but true!

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