Colours in life

One day in March, Hann had a birthday party. The theme was to dress up in something bright and colourful. I looked into my wardrobe and it was the moment I realised I actually didn’t have a lot of bright and colourful clothes. So, it was the ‘life-changing’ moment that I decided the next time I do my shopping, it will be more colours that I should be looking for. Life-changing because I also realised wearing more colours brightens up my day and makes me feel happier. Needless to say, happiness attracts positive energy.

The only really colourful piece in my wardrobe was this suede skirt which I picked up from a vintage shop. It looks too colourful as a piece itself, but it seemed to match well with other basic pieces.


And then, the post colour-revolution outfit. Do I look happier?


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