Something before my final

I tend not to post my writings immediately, but sometimes I wonder if anyone cares?
Uni is finally over, at least for now. Life’s like a paradise except for the 15-20 hours part time work at the cafe. Otherwise, I am basically chilling and enjoying every moment of it, maybe except for the cleaning the flat part.
Without much description, it is common sense that architecture students need a lot of sleepless nights to survive the course. But, my last week before my final submission was stressful beyond my expectation with fever and sickness. To begin with, I had a fever on the day I had to rush for an application submission due the following day, which was also a few days before my final. Fortunately, I felt better on the next day with a little more rest but not much work done. But, all thanks to the dehydration, lack of nutrition and rest, the fever was followed by a huge mouth ulcer. This huge ulcer was on the front side of my tongue and hit my gums whenever my mouth was closed. Yes, a lot of pain! Not to mention, I had difficulties to eat because of it. Slow recovery to the body.
Despite everything, I still survived my last few days, running up and down the hill to Uni and getting every last minute stuff done. It was my first straight 43 hours without any nap and sleep at all until the moment everything was done completely and lunch with the classmates after. And what I have learned was the unusual super long no sleep hours could really cause hallucinations, and not just the usual stoned feeling. I was dead asleep for the next 18 hours on my bed, and it would have been even longer sleep if I didn’t have to go to the Uni again on the next day. I slept again in the same evening.
It was a really tough training in the journey to be an architect or at least to reach the finishing of the course. The tough year 4 is finally over now and the sunshine comes out perfectly in time, just for a few days! UK weather!