Random video in Bordeaux 1


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As the title says so, my first random video in Bordeaux. Will upload more silly videos soon.

Yes! The joy of holiday.

To Bordeaux

We usually decide our travel destinations based on whatever cheap tickets we can get from Ryanair. So, here we go, this time to… Bordeaux, city of wine for our second dating anniversary and short summer trip.

We left our house in the afternoon and reached Edinburgh airport after about one and half hour journey of train and bus. The airport was rather crowded as expected for summer.


We arrived at Bordeaux airport at 10pm (an hour ahead UK time) and luckily the sky wasn’t completely dark yet. We paid a little extra for the taxi to save an hour by bus and walking. Plus, Ryanair, probably the cheapest European budget

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airline tends to fly to and fro airports in outskirts at odd times!!

Our hotel is located out of the city centre, but! we managed to get it 50% normal rate. (After the discount, the price was about the same as getting a hostel room in city centre). So, we

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figured it was worth the tram and 10 minutes walk to the city center to get a nice and clean room in a four star hotel.

DSCF0014 my name on the welcome screen

DSCF0015alex in the frame

DSC_0074DSC_0021DSC_0002 DSCF0034

Alex’s travel essentials

Architecture Degree Show

In the beginning of every summer, there are always exhibitions of students work (also known as Degree Shows) orgsanised by most, if not all UK

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architecture schools. In early June, Charlie and Pei Ling came down from Aberdeen to look at Glasgow & Edinburgh’s combined four architecture schools’ degree shows.

On the first day of their arrival, we checked out Edinburgh Architecture School’s exhibition and then spent the rest of the day shopping.

DSCF2200Edinburgh University exhibition

The next day was the launch of our very own Strathclyde University’s degree show. I was quite impressed with everything that was put up and didn’t expect so many outsiders to come.
degree show 002[2]Classmates’ model of the Eichstatt

degree show 091[2]

The day after, Charlie and Alex went to Glasgow School of Art’s degree show without me, but Alex went there again with me and Kum Tak a few days later.

DSC_0029Glasgow School of Art exhibition

DSC_0038Award-winning scheme

DSC_0056Visiting exhibitions and looking at other people’s work can be motivating or intimidating.

Special inspection day

Most of the time, our flat is neither very messy nor very tidy. If we have expected/unexpected guests, we could tidy it up to a presentable state with minimal effort (as long as you don’t look inside the storeroom).
However, with my parents’ arrival it was a different matter altogether! Especially when we had to face my mum’s eagle-eyed inspection. Everything had to be cleaned and tidied thoroughly. No sweeping the mess under the sofa or dumping the stack of clothes into the wardrobe.

DSCF0445 DSCF0448 DSCF0452

And a note from my dad too, all camera batteries had to be fully charged.

Long queues for the legendary iPhone 4

Never never in my life that I thought I would wake up early in the morning and join a long queue to buy an item. On 24th June, I did that to get the iPhone 4 for my sister! I reached the store at 7.45am (the store was to open at 8am) and look at the queue!!!

DSCF0393queue into Apple store

DSCF0394zoomed in

I joined the queue anyway. 15 minutes later, I was told that even if I reached inside the store I might not be able to get the phone on that day. So, I left and walked around the city centre, and took more photos of queues. I know waking up at 7am was probably not that early and I should have just waited in front of the store in the midnight before, but I don’t think I would ever have the patience to do that, unless it’s a limited item that I’m dying to get. So far, I have yet to meet such an item.

DSCF0391Other phone stores sold the ‘legendary’ iPhone 4 exclusively to their contract customers only

DSCF0395guess Carphone Warehouse didn’t pay enough for the first batch of stock.