Long queues for the legendary iPhone 4

Never never in my life that I thought I would wake up early in the morning and join a long queue to buy an item. On 24th June, I did that to get the iPhone 4 for my sister! I reached the store at 7.45am (the store was to open at 8am) and look at the queue!!!

DSCF0393queue into Apple store

DSCF0394zoomed in

I joined the queue anyway. 15 minutes later, I was told that even if I reached inside the store I might not be able to get the phone on that day. So, I left and walked around the city centre, and took more photos of queues. I know waking up at 7am was probably not that early and I should have just waited in front of the store in the midnight before, but I don’t think I would ever have the patience to do that, unless it’s a limited item that I’m dying to get. So far, I have yet to meet such an item.

DSCF0391Other phone stores sold the ‘legendary’ iPhone 4 exclusively to their contract customers only

DSCF0395guess Carphone Warehouse didn’t pay enough for the first batch of stock.

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