2-0-1-0’s new resolution

It’s mid August! and I’ve decided to change my resolution that I have made for the past two New Years. (Resolutions should be amended from time to time.) My new resolution is I will blog lesser. And by that, I’m sure that I’ll be able to keep my resolution from now onwards!
After not writing for such a long period (the last post was written about a month ago and I actually delayed to post it!), my writing skill is deproving deteriorising (see! there is no such words as ‘deproving’, Alex corrected me). The combined total of words from this year’s dissertation, articles and project reports that I had to write did not help in keeping the writing rhythm.
Although there might not be many people who bother to read my long posts, the main point is that I like to write. Same for when there’s probably no one to listen (not hear), and I still speak anyway.

p.s. I’ve decided to share a netbook with Alex so I can blog more often during my trips and more conveniently when inspiration strikes. So, let’s see if my new resolution will succeed or fail. 😛
DSC_0002DSC_0010DSC_0038 last photo from Alex

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