Rhythm rhythm

I have not been updating my blog for a very very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy long time. Yes! It was my plan to keep up with my newest resolution!
I had the thoughts to abandon this blog, because it just seems there is nothing else that I think is interesting to write. The effect for being in architecture after 6 years. It’s the 7th year now!!!!!! The long journey is reaching its end, yet it also means that the beginning of the next phase is coming soon too!!
Or maybe it’s because my blog has reached its expiry date. Blogs do have expiry dates! Otherwise, where are my friends’ blog updates? Yes, everyone has a life now so they don’t have the time to blog. But, I also remember some friends told me that they haven’t been blogging because they didn’t have a ‘life’ that they could blog about. How contradicting.
Anyway, in the first place, this blog wasn’t only a cyber space to share my stuff or jot down my thoughts. It was also supposed to be a practice to help organise my fragmented thoughts so that I could then articulate my ideas better. Just like how a computer disk should always be defragmented so the system could then perform better.
Hope this post brings my writing and blogging rhythm back! On a short note, it’s really freezing now in the UK and everyone is expecting for a worse coming winter. >.<
Some photos from Budapest. I’ll blog about the trip IF I have time… hmm..


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