Vienna is a beautiful city

My memory of Vienna is vague, because I have left it too long to jot it down. Too many things have been occupying my mind and time, but procrastination was definitely one of the main reasons!

I have quite a number of beautiful photos of Vienna, simply because the city is just so beautiful. It is a different kind of beauty; unlike Prague or Budapest where their castles are located on the hills and from there, you get a nice view of the other side of the city with the main river and mountains. It is also not like the Parisian or Venetian beauty. Vienna city centre does not sit on a very beautiful landscape nor it has a very attractive riverside. To me, the beauty lies in its cultural atmosphere. Art and culture (including classical music, fine arts, opera and theater) has a special tradition in this city. There are so many musuems and opera houses which we, of course, couldn’t visit all! Rich and grand buildings facade are everywhere, a remnant of its glorious period during the 18th-19th century. And not to forget, it is also the place for the finest cakes and desserts. No doubt, it deserves to be in the list of top 10 most livable cities in the world.

So, the many outcomes from the trip, mostly forced by Alex: A discovery of the Secessionists, a chance to see the many works of Brueghel (a painter whose work I find inspiring, recommended by a mentor) and lots of impressionist works – as what I remember with my goldfish memory.