Two zero one one

Why do we celebrate new years?

To embrace the past or to hope for a better year ahead? (or maybe just a reason to party?)

Anyway, HAPPY 2-0-11 everyone!! Let’s wish for a more colourful year…


2 thoughts on “Two zero one one”

  1. perhaps, new year represents you stay well and have survived 365-days, meanwhile wishing yourself a better fortune in the new year. btw, happy new year =).


  2. Is it too late if I say:’Happy New Year!’to u and ALEX. My internet browser is too old,so i failed to open your blog a few days. Today I find the reason then upgade it,and read your blog agian. I think I got my english level a progress,I can understand your blog easer.I like you two guys.I know even me donnt have too much time to update my blog,but i still want to see u write continually.

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