Loneliness in blogosphere

It is very lonely to blog nowadays. Most of my friends who used to blog have stopped because they are either too busy with their career or have shifted to microblogging – facebook / twitter. Or they are busy meeting new people, or feel uncomfortable to reveal too much (in the ‘old’ age?!). Those left in the blogosphere are mostly still studying, whom are generally a few years younger than me or courses that seem to be endless, like architecture or medicine. At any rate they have also seemed to slowed down. It feels as if everyone has moved on or have found something more exciting in their life while I’m still stuck at this ancient online medium.

p.s. even Alex who inspired me to start this blog has stopped writing!

DSC_0362 copy
Top, Cardigan, Bag – Primark; Shoes – Adidas

Outer jacket – Primark; Inner jacket – H&M; Dress – GAP; Hat – H&M

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