Is writing an art form?

Architecture people do not write often; I shall make effort to write at least one paragraph each day, week. The most writing I have ever done was my last year’s 8000 words dissertation plus a bunch of essays (very proud!).

DSC_0109_thumb[1]Blazer – Yesstyle; Top – Topshop; Skirt – Sgwang when I was 17!; Lace ankle socks – Urban Outfitters; Bag + Shoe – Vintage

[Left] Blazer – Yesstyle; Dress + Bag – Vintage; Belt – Urban Outfitters;  Hat – H&M, Tights – Topshop; Shoes – Accessorize
[Right] Blazer – Yesstyle; Top – Zara; Bag – Primark; Skirt – Urban Outfitters; Shoes – Vintage

alexes copy_thumb[1]

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