I’ve always been quite reluctant to pay a lot for haircuts. My aunt cut my hair when I was young, and when I was in college, a cousin (both hairdressers). It was more convenient because I was more than comfortable to say exactly how I wanted it.

Leaving Malaysia meant that I had to pay for haircuts, and the service industry here is generally not cheap. The first haircut abroad I got was in Belgium. I went for the junior stylist. She started cutting. My hair started getting shorter and shorter. And shorter. She left me looking like a mushroom.

A year later, I went to a more reliable salon for my next haircut, and this time it wasn’t bad. It was relatively expensive, but then again I only cut my hair once a year.

Recently I’ve got a haircut and highlights. It was the most expensive thing that I’ve ever done to my hair. After agonising over it, I decided to go for it since I would be wearing the hairstyle everyday. It was definitely more worth it compared to paying for clothes and shoes! A hairstyle is just as wearable, and as important as getting a nice handbag or a pair of shoes. I also asked for highlights to spice up the look and add texture. It was also a little congratulations to myself for getting through uni. (almost…)

The last time I coloured my hair, I just left high school. I bleached it and had some different (odd) colours for highlights. Those days…… Anyway, this current hairstyle gives me what I hope is a more sophisticated look 🙂
Edit3DSC_0159 copy

Time for serious blogging?

Blogging is hard, perhaps because I’m now doing it for different reasons. I used to blog as updates for family and friends around, but with Facebook, MSN and Facetime, those options are faster and more convenient.

To write a blog post now is like having to write a report. I sit in front of the computer, looking at the blank page for a very long time, feel frustrated and decide to skip it. This habit is exactly like how I procrastinated when dealing with the Uni assignments that I was not interested in. It’s pathetic to feel this way, but on the other side, perhaps I’m more grown up that writing a blog post like how I burnt my fries in the oven 3.5 years ago is not interesting. It is time for more serious blogging.

Just so that it doesn’t seem like I’m trying too hard to justify myself, here’s an outfit photo..

DSC_0025editedYesstyle dress | FCUK heels | Vintage belt | Primark bangles