A post about my happy food

‘Happy Food’ is the term I use with Alex to refer for food that cheers me up. Mamee Monster snacks are one of them. I liked it when I was a kid and also now, because it’s a less greasy than other similar snack. Also because it reminds me of my childhood…

Starting from a few weeks ago, Alex started to surprise me with occasional packets of Mamee Monster like magic (it’s impossible to find any in UK), when I curled myself under the duvet, feeling emotional or finding excuses not to work on my Masters project. Although it was just his cheap trick to cheer me up or to coax me to stay focused on my work, it actually worked; I was instantly happy. It didn’t matter how he got them or where they are hidden, all I needed was to put on a sad face and he would bring out a few more to cheer me up. 

Last Sunday Alex went down to London to replace his passport that he dropped on his 10 minute walk to the University. Not knowing how many days he would be in London, he left me with five packets of ‘Happy Food’ while I waited for his return, and also to make sure that I was not playing Yahoo Dominoes 24/7 when he was away!

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