To summarise

I’ve not written any serious travel blog posts since about a year ago. The last travel post, if not mistaken, was about Alex’s and my anniversary trip to Bordeaux in June a year ago. Few years back, I was determined to write about my travel experiences (with a lot of pictures) even if it took me a long time. Now…
After Bordeaux in France, Alex and I continued to travel during the last summer (just in case we would be going home for good next year, and also with the excuse to widen our “architectural knowledge”).
In September, as we were not going back to Malaysia, we used the money for the flight tickets to visit Budapest in Hungary, Vienna in Austria, Bratislava in Slovakia, Manchester in the UK and Venice in Italy.





In December, we went to Switzerland with my sister and cousin who were in their first year of studies in the UK.



In February, we headed down to London for a weekend (one night in hotel and one night in the train station for the earliest and cheapest train) to meet one of Alex’s good friends who was visiting. I was having a fever and I swore never to do any overnights in train stations again!
In March, I went on the the Uncertainty Road Trip organised by the Architecture Department. We paid the expenses, packed our bags, and hopped on mini buses not knowing where we were heading to each day. It turned out we went to Orkney, far in the north of Scotland, where there were hardly any trees for long stretches of flat land.
In April, we flew to Copenhagen in Denmark, saying that as I was in the Urban Design unit, I would like to experience the city with great urban space planning and design.


In June, my Malaysian classmates and me went to the Western Isles in Scotland for our graduation trip, although most of us were still to complete our extended 3 months Masters course.DSC_0664 copy
So that’s the summary of my travel posts! I shall write more about each trip IF I’m inspired! My ‘travel’ blog posts are actually one of the worst that people could stumble upon, as it is very very unlikely that I will write about any travel tips, food guides or to-do information.