Glasgow’s real summer

These photos might be of my last real summer in Glasgow (for the next few years at least). The summer was described to be real because good weather like this do not normally last long in Scotland. British weather is well-known for its gloominess. Coming from a tropical country, I remember vividly how I didn’t notice it during my first year here. It is much wetter in Malaysia but at least I had a car, there wasn’t any strong chilly wind and the rain did not just drizzle for the whole day; except for the heavy traffic congestion and flash floods!
It was when I went to continental Europe one April that I realised the summer over there was much more enjoyable. The sunny days lasted for long spells without rain. During our entire 19 days in Italy this summer, there was a total of 30 minutes of rain. Flying from Italy back to Scotland in October, we seem to have lost our autumn.
With better weather to compare, I had slowly developed the tendency to be ungrateful/ complain about the UK weather. But, when I’m back in Malaysia, I will perhaps miss this gloomy weather (or not). During winter I will always miss the hot sun and under the Malaysia’s blazing sun and sticky humidity, I will probably think that winter, rain and wind in the UK is not that bad after all.
MNG checkered blouse | Zara shorts | Urban Outfitters wedges | Pretaportobello bracelet | UO [BLNQ] sunglasses


I wasn’t really satisfied with my previous post. It was a travel summary post that could have been avoided if I had updated my blog regularly. Anyway, my schedule in the past year did not allow the possibility of avoidance. When I thought about the post, it forced me to contemplate on a habit which I’ve noticed in myself but have never taken the initiative to acknowledge. 

I have a habit to get things finished or continued just because I’ve started it. The positive people call it perseverance. On the other hand, this habit often puts me in a situation where I lose the spirit or meaning of a work, and finish it merely for the sake of finishing it. The end result is nearly always a half-hearted work. Accumulated influences from Alex’s Virgo perfectionist characteristic forced me to look into this attitude thoroughly.

When I started the blog nearly four years ago, I wanted to keep memories of all my travels and life abroad. The travel summary post mentioned earlier was a filler post. The one or two photos and a few sentences of each trip hardly conveyed any of my memories or impressions. In truth, it was written half-heartedly. The good outcome was I could continue filling the void in my blog and keep blogging. Of course, this incident is only one of many examples in my life that I feel reluctant to list here.

Most of my university assignments shared the same sentiment, but at the end of the day, I’m glad that the half-hearted perseverance has allowed me to graduate in November.