I wasn’t really satisfied with my previous post. It was a travel summary post that could have been avoided if I had updated my blog regularly. Anyway, my schedule in the past year did not allow the possibility of avoidance. When I thought about the post, it forced me to contemplate on a habit which I’ve noticed in myself but have never taken the initiative to acknowledge. 

I have a habit to get things finished or continued just because I’ve started it. The positive people call it perseverance. On the other hand, this habit often puts me in a situation where I lose the spirit or meaning of a work, and finish it merely for the sake of finishing it. The end result is nearly always a half-hearted work. Accumulated influences from Alex’s Virgo perfectionist characteristic forced me to look into this attitude thoroughly.

When I started the blog nearly four years ago, I wanted to keep memories of all my travels and life abroad. The travel summary post mentioned earlier was a filler post. The one or two photos and a few sentences of each trip hardly conveyed any of my memories or impressions. In truth, it was written half-heartedly. The good outcome was I could continue filling the void in my blog and keep blogging. Of course, this incident is only one of many examples in my life that I feel reluctant to list here.

Most of my university assignments shared the same sentiment, but at the end of the day, I’m glad that the half-hearted perseverance has allowed me to graduate in November.

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