Familiar, but different

Kuala Lumpur has seemed to change so much, or perhaps my memory of this place has became much fainter or outdated. This is my second homecoming in the four years and two months that I was abroad. Upon the first week of my arrival back home (two years ago) I had a strange feeling with things around me. Everything was so familiar yet different. I felt as if I was put into a time capsule during the time when I wasn’t here.
This second time back home was after another two years and two months, and the familiar time-capsule feeling has resurfaced with an even stronger detachment to this place. I’ve also came back feeling intimidated. I’ll explain why.
Back then before I left, I met a new friend who has been staying overseas for many years and only came back a few times. When she has just returned to Malaysia, she wasn’t familiar with many things around the city. I wondered, how could that be, for a place called home? So what I expected others to remember of this place, Malaysia, would probably be the same of what others would expect of me now.
I’ll be trying to fit into this place again but on my past memories and experiences. Many things in the city and home have changed subtly without their realising. The sad truth is my memory of this place has also faded. What I remembered of the place is not the same as what it is now, but at the same time I am also reluctant to act like a tourist in the place I grew up in.
I am excited to be at home again, and the first thing I realised when I touched down was that the LRT system has grown longer! It was my first time taking KLIA express and LRT from the airport.

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  1. welcome home. even a 4 month period of absence made me foreign to my homeland as well. things had just changed rapidly in wangsa maju area for these past few years. *sigh*

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