I’ve never worn all red like this before, nor even an all-red top or skirt. I’ve wore pink, but not red. I think I subconsciously thought that red was such a powerful or superior colour that I wouldn’t manage to pull it off. It might relate to my level of self-confidence, or I actually secretly believed that I needed to reach a certain age or gain a particular life experience before I could handle it. Or I was just waiting for the right time, like some sort of enlightening moment. As I mentioned, it was a subconscious reaction to a subconscious thought.

That day, it was the first time I wore so red. University wasn’t officially finished while I was still preparing to do my Masters, but I was done with attending regular lectures and tutorials in the department. It wasn’t any special moment that I suddenly decided that I could wear red. It just happened; but somehow coincided with my excitement to moving forward to my next chapter, instead of the relief that I was finally graduating. There was a difference, although it was the same moment. One to welcome the adventure and one to celebrate what happened.

DSC_0609DSC_0659 copyDSC_0628
ASOS red dress | Zara trench coat | FCUK heels
Happy New Year by the way!



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