Blogging as meditation

I want to resume my blogging routine. Wait a minute… What blogging routine? I looked at my archive and noticed that I only updated my blog about once a month on average. That was a few months back. 
Every time I thought of updating my blog, I would compose what to write in my mind, mostly when I was showering or reading. I always tried to have everything in ONE post, and it always ended up getting too long and uninteresting, and I would end up forgetting about it.
Similarly, I have too much things I want to do and achieve in life. All at the same time. 
I figured that I need to learn how to discipline my mind and organise my thoughts. I will start with little steps – first, writing. It should work like meditating.

The Right Element

I have not been updating this blog for a very long time, for many reasons. I have been giving too many excuses to myself not to do so – it’s not the right time, it’s not the right content, it’s not the right mood, it’s not the right style etc.

But all I need is actually the right attitude!