In my glasses

Walking in the middle of London’s financial district with casual wear on weekdays was a little strange. Everyone else was in smart suits. 

I was also wearing my new glasses, which I got last year but only started wearing it in March. I had the new pair fitted in January but I was still wearing my ugly old pair, because the new pair would cause me to get dizzy. Its frame was tight but I also procrastinated to get it back adjusted. Just two weeks before I flew back to the UK, I finally managed to drag myself back to the store.The typical last minute Malaysian attitude.

Having the frame adjusted, my eyes were still not used to the new pair of glasses. My mum nagged advised endlessly that I should start wearing it to get used to it, but I argued that the first few hours of dizziness was so terrible to stop me from wearing for days.

However, due to my vanity, I wore the new glasses throughout my flight back to London. The journey took 17 hours, and I continued wearing it for a few days after the flight. I eventually really got used it. Mum was right and she won!








Yesstyle top | Urban Outfitters leather skirt | Forever 21 bag | FCUK wedges | Mia Casa bangles & ring | Tom Ford glasses

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