Flash sale + Hermes Leather Forever exhibition in spring

I stumbled upon a flash designers’ sale advert on Timeout London one day. I didn’t plan to buy anything, but Alex and I went anyway. I have always wanted to experience the hustle and bustle of designers sale, as portrayed in the Shopaholic series. 

The sale store was hidden away in a small side street near Bond Street. There was a girl, dressed very nicely, walking up and down the street, asking the passers-by if they were going to the sale and giving directions for it. We also saw some flyers pasted on the entrance door featuring some well-known brands such as Fendi, Chloe, Miu Miu, D&G, Prada etc, presumably to lure passers-by in. 

Unfortunately, the sale room was very quiet. Featured brands on the ads were no where found except for a few ugly shoes in unpopular sizes. I found a decent sleeveless blue satin top with a big fat 60% discount tag, but I still managed to resist myself from falling into the price slash trap. On a second/third thought, it should not cost that much even after reduction. My mum must be very happy reading this!

To tell the truth, this kind of gimmick was expected and we didn’t really expect to see anything worthwhile. Still, it was nice to tick off one item off my bucket list (to visit a flash designers’ sale in London). 

Urban Outfitters top | Zara skirt | Zara trench coat | Zara shoes

We then went to Hermes Leather Forever exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts. Aside from showcasing the history of Hermes over the years, there were also real-life artisans working in a replica studio showing the process of  making a Hermes bag. One of them has been working on the exquisite bags for nearly 20 years. That’s how the Hermes bags were made, which explains the high prices and long waiting list. Being able to touch the different varieties of raw leathers on display would have to satisfy me until I can afford one in the future.

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