How my shopping addiction started

This is a compilation post of the remaining unpublished outfits during last year’s Italy trip. I have done similiar ones here and here. My little ‘ritual’.

My first outfits compilation post was photos from Paris trip, three and half years ago. It was around that time I started to shop put more effort in styling. Looking at the amount of clothes I have now, I actually thought the addiction started even earlier.

Anyway, Alex was the one who planted this idea of styling myself in my mind. Back then, after about half a year of our relationship, he mentioned that I should change my wardrobe. That indirectly meant that all my clothes in my then wardrobe should go and I should replace them with new ones! (He tried to change me and is still doing it). So with that ‘permission’, I started shopping to build my new wardrobe and… I am not finished yet.


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