The interesting week at work

I had an interesting week at work! Upon meeting a deadline and working through the whole of last weekend until Sunday 6am, I was assigned with a new task. The new task was to look at paintings between the Renaissance and the early 20th century period and do some research in preparation for a new project. And! I was allowed to visit museums and art galleries in London during working hours, with all expenses covered! Ironically, I was actually hoping to visit the National Gallery this weekend, before I knew about this task.

Thankfully, I have a basic understanding of art history that made my task much easier. I am glad that all the time spent in museums and galleries the past few years and patiently listening to Mr T’s art history ‘lectures’ were finally put to good use.

On a side note, ‘The story of Art’ by Gombrich is a good book!

photo (4) copy

I, of course, didn’t finish reading it, but Alex basically recited the whole book to me during our ‘educational’ trip in Italy, which has such a great collection of art! He gave all the art history “lectures” while we were visiting the museums. zzz….

photo (4)
National Gallery + Trafalgar Square

-Written last week

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