Capri, the hidden gem

I can skip writing about all places I have travelled to, but I definitely cannot miss sharing about this one!! Capri was such a beautiful place, with such magnificent views! 


The name ‘Capri’ sounded very familiar when Alex mentioned that the island would be one of our destinations during our Italy trip. I was actually thinking about Capri Sun orange juice.

I didn’t realised that I and all other Malaysians of my age have actually studied about Capri during high school. (Clearly it was Alex who told me about it while we were on the hour-long ferry ride from Naples to Capri).There was a short story titled ‘The Lotus Eater’ that we had to read for English literature. The story was about a man who visited his friend in Capri during a holiday. He was so captivated by the beauty of Capri that he decided to give up his job in London, using the money he saved to buy an annuity of 25 years. He would live a simple life in Capri and commit suicide once the money had run out. But after living a life with pleasure, he simply had lost his strength of mind to commit suicide when the money actually ran out. He lived on credit, attempted suicide but survived and became partially insane, lived miserably for the next 6 years and finally died, looking out over the beautiful scenery. The story ended.

At Capri, gazing at the endless vistas, it was not difficult at all to understand the man’s bold and sudden decision, nor Somerset Maugham’s intention to use Capri as the setting for the novella. Even teeming with tourists, the island’s beauty is beyond words.

One day, I wish I could stay there for at least a week! 


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