In the tropical country

The notions of designing buildings and dressing up are rather the same. Both requires balance and harmony. It’s also fun to put a little touch of playfulness. 

Here are some outfit photos, taken early of the year when I was in Kuala Lumpur. People dress very casually in KL, so it needs a little more confidence to dress up but not feel out of place. With the growth of social media, it’s wonderful to see how Malaysians have become more creative in their daily outfits. 

Dressing up in KL was also more stressful because mum nagged! – too much, too little, too high, too bright and etc. On the bright side, my high heels would not be collecting dust. I love buying them but I have to admit I hardly wear them in the UK. I travel on foot and with the Tube most of the time, and they will kill my feet!