A gift from Mr T

You Can Always Tell What Kind of a Person a Man Really Thinks You are by the Earrings he Gives You.” ~Audrey Hepburn

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Alex bought me a pair of Swarovski earrings when he was in Glasgow for a cycling trip. I know I might sound ungrateful but earrings are actually one of my least favourite types of jewellery— right down there with toe rings and anklets!

What made the gift even less exciting was they were dangle hoop earrings! I probably should pretend that I was really in love with the earrings, but as mean I might sound, I prefer not to give the wrong idea that this is what I like, and then he goes off to buy similar items again. Plus, he can read my expressions most of the time so I can’t really hide anything from him anyway. However, I really appreciate his gestures.

After wearing them a few times, I started to think that they actually look quite good on me. I am normally not a big fan of dangle hoop earrings as I tend to look chubbier with the hoops facing outward or parallel to my face (looking from the front). This pierced pair stays fixed with its hoops perpendicular to the front of my face.

Alex mentioned that jewellery doesn’t interest him in the slightest, but thought that the pair of gold-plated crystal earrings would suit me and add sophistication to my style. 

This gift reminds me of how I rejected Alex’s personality before we were together and then slowly fell in love with him! Urgh…

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