Happy ‘Snake’ Year

Chinese New Year in Chinatown

Sister and cousin came to visit. Gloomy London as always.

The dress code for this CNY is yellow and everyone back in my mum’s hometown will be wearing the same colour on the first day! Despite the distance of 15,000km, the family bond remains.

The big family

I am not sure if this was an exciting way to start my Snake year. On the first night of CNY, I was already suffering from bad food poisoning. I am in the UK so it doesn’t actually make any differences if it is Chinese New Year. But this can perhaps be a blessing in disguise! Chinese loves interpreting signs, so I hope this indicates a cleansing of my body so that I can start the year fresh.

This is the first Chinese New Year I spent abroad that I could celebrate with some family members around. My sister and cousin came to visit. On CNY eve we went for a reunion dinner and then to a club/casino in Leicester Square. On the first day of Chinese New Year, we went to Chinatown for our late lunch. It was so crowded and busy throughout the day that the chef was probably tired and overworked. The meal that I ordered was so spicy that I suspected he threw in three times the chilli intended. I started to feel the discomfort at night and vomited through the whole night. Alex reacted slightly later than me but recovered faster. I obviously had to take sick leave from work but Alex dragged himself to work in midday due to a submission. 

While the main reason we went to Chinatown was to experience the CNY atmosphere and perhaps see the lion dance if possible, we did not expect them to jump right in front of us while queuing at the restaurant.  Was I lucky for choosing to queue at this restaurant?

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