2012 Serpentine Gallery Pavillion and my outfit

Last year’s London Serpentine Gallery Pavilion was designed by the architects Herzog and de Meuron and the artist Ai Wei Wei. I can’t believe I couldn’t find a single photo of the whole pavilion but many close up photos of two ducks on the roof! This is what happens when Mr T is the one holding the camera.

Sou Fujimoto is the architect for 2013’s pavilion design. I can’t wait for the summer to arrive and this year’s bitter winter to end. The news reported that this winter has been the coldest one in 50 years. Pah! Apparently every year’s winter is the coldest winter, but this winter is admittedly taking too long to end. 2013’s spring/ summer will be greatly enjoyed and appreciated!

DSC_0642Duck number 1

DSC_0643Duck number 2

For the sense of completion, these photos are taken from the website, Exploring Art in the City to illustrate how the pavilion actually looked like.


dsc_5540Interior clad in cork + seatings shaped like wine cork made of cork!


And the outfit photos of the day:

1 DSC_0571

Impulsive haircut

In a midnight, upon arriving home after drinking at a hotpot party, I decided that I should cut my own fringe. From what I recall, I wasn’t drunk at all, but I was hit by a sudden resolve to change my habit of procrastination. To make the immediate change, I started with the first task on my reminder list – ‘cut my hair fringe’.

Without any further delay, I took out a pair of hairdressing scissors from the drawer and sat in front of the mirror. I twisted my front hair and cut it without any hesitation. To be fair, I contemplated for a few seconds to decide if the ideal length should be below or above my eyebrows. Apparently, my estimate was way off and subsequently, the fringe was cut way too short!

It didn’t look too bad for a pin-up fringe style at first glance, but I still thought I looked really silly. I ended up clipping up my fringe to work for the whole week. Alex said that I looked like a mushroom, but a cute one of course! The image of Super Mario immediately came across my mind.

Now, the first lesson of the story is never to cut my own hair again after a party. The second one is if I ever want to cut my hair fringe again, I should trim it little by little. Even worse, I didn’t remember that I have already made an appointment for a hair cut the following Sunday. Hair salons normally offer free fringe trimming if I am their customer, or I can get it done for a fiver if I am not. So that makes it lesson three!


This photo was taken after the hair cut. Not so much of a mushroom look anymore, after the hairstylist applied his magic to make the fringe grew almost immediately!

What I was doing this time last year

This time last year , I was on the plane from Kuala Lumpur to London, to start the job hunting adventure. The significant difference I noticed was the weather. It was cold last year, but not as cold as this year, where in March the temperature still sometimes go below 0°C with snow forecasted for Saturday. In London! It is the end of March! Flowers should be blooming by now.. People tend to associate the cold weather with global warming, but some said this phenomenon happens once every few decades, like a big wave on a graph.

Enough of weather talk. So last year had been an exciting and unforgettable one. I think I should write about it,  and I have already started to put it in words. It will be very lengthy because I have to include my experiences, my thoughts, my plans, my gratefulness, my frustration, my vision and blah blah blah. I will have to split it into a few posts……

The machine is working again

These things happen. I waited for a whole week for my appointment at the Apple store to tell them about my faulty charger. The man plugged it into the socket to test the charger and it worked!! Now, imagine the speechless expression on my face. I swear I have tried it on different sockets in all possible configurations and variations and it didn’t work. He replaced it anyway, just in case. Good (although a long wait) after-purchase service, happy customer.

And the new blogging routine resumes!

IMG_3823Two random photos 


Classical meets contemporary architecture

I recently developed an interest in Classical architecture due to work requirements. I personally think this is the truly timeless and classic style, developed since the Greek and Roman eras. All of a sudden, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns fascinate me, and I am excited to find out how architraves and pediments relate to the columns.


Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe, the architect who pioneered the Modern building style and inspired much of our current glass and steel buildings, quoted that ‘Less is more’. But, buildings with Classical elements seem to look more magnificent and are more able to stand the test of time.

By saying that, I do not reject the idea of clean and simple looking buildings. ‘Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand, was a great book to understand the ideas and principles behind the birth of Modern architecture, although the book was essentially about people, not architecture.

I used to think that Classical orders are irrelevant to today’s design. But I have also started to think that it will be interesting to find ways to combine contemporary style with Classical elements. Obviously I am not the first to have come across this thought, but I figured this can be my new design direction. I am glad that there are many Classical as well as Neo-Classical buildings in London and it’s perhaps not too late for me to pay more attention to them.



1_1163107546 47534c5e15c4494bec9fd1353294eae4

The faulty machine charger

DSC_0444 copy

I am feeling so moody now because my Macbook has decided to stop working. Or to be more exact, I suspect that it is rather the charger that is not working! I am not sure. It is just not charging. No green LED light. So no working power charger, powerless machine.

To get it fixed, I will need to bring the

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machine to the Apple store. It is impossible to meet the technical support team without an appointment, not in busy London.

I scheduled a call with their support team. I like this service as I can choose my preferred time for them to call me rather than vice versa. Many inconsiderate customer services put their customers, who are in need of help through the long and emotionless machine-operated messages. Even worse, to bombard them with 829472839 button choices!

After a lengthy chat with the long- winded advisor, I was promised that I would be able to exchange my power adapter for free as the machine is still covered by warranty. When I called the resellers, they said the exchange policy didn’t exist and insisted that the Apple support team kept giving the wrong information to the customers. It was frustrating!

The Apple genius bar only take bookings up to the the next 7 days, and the next appointment will be on the coming Tuesday. We have a spare Macbook Air which we bought early this year, but I just realised I actually prefer working on the Pro version, because of the wide keyboard with enough space for the wrists.

Aww, one more week to the possibility of getting the machine fixed.

Family and friends will be here!

It can’t be more exciting than this! On the same day, my family and one of my best friends have finally booked their respective flight tickets to come to the UK!

My parents will be attending my sister’s graduation and then travel on their own around west Europe. My other two sisters will fly over later and we will be doing a road trip in Iceland!! I have always thought Iceland scenery would be similar with Scotland but with hot springs and more ice. I wasn’t very keen about this place until I discovered this!!!! Does this really exist on the Earth?


The best friend, on the other hand will be coming with her husband in autumn. It is her dream to spend her honeymoon in Paris and I am already feeling so excited for her!!! French macarons!

Valentine’s Day [part II]

Alex and I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps I forgot even if we did. Last year’s Valentine’s, I was in Malaysia and he was in London. Hmm… he bought me a limited edition classic YSL’s red arty ring. The year before, he brought me to a nice restaurant with another pair of friends, and surprised me with a bouquet of my favourite flowers. I didn’t recall this incident until he mentioned.

IMG_1634Last year’s pressie.

In the morning of this Valentine’s Day, I woke up to Alex with a bouquet of roses next to the bed. I thought I was dreaming, turned my body the other way and tried to go back to sleep. It was real, but it felt surreal.



After work, he made effort to cook a special dinner meal and gave me my second bouquet of flowers, my favourite lilies! It wasn’t exactly anything fancy, but was simple enough to make me happy. Looking back of what I have wrote, it seems like there had already been three Valentine’s Day celebrations consecutively, and just because Alex mentioned it a few times that he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I switched on my selective memory mode to sulk over days before Valentine’s Day each year! He must be very glad that I have jotted this down, but I am also very grateful for the sweet gestures from a boyfriend who claims not to celebrate this retailers’ manipulative day!

2012 summer outfits


This is a 2012 summer outfit post to mark the end of my blogging procrastination. With the busy schedule, I know it’s OK to abandon my blog. Most of my friends do the same. No one would blame me. But I know I will blame myself and regret in the future, because I am already feeling the same for not blogging diligently in the past two years!

Looking back, I think I often regret the things that I did not do more than the things I do.

By the way, I love summer.

Valentine’s Day [Part l]

As I walked past shops a week before Valentine’s day, many shops had started preparing their displays and windows for the upcoming day. Somehow, I felt disgusted with this celebration. It was a subconscious reaction to Alex’s idea of not wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day in general, for the reason it has been thoroughly commercialised by the retailers. Although I agreed with his thinking, it doesn’t stop me to sulk and think like a small girl that it’s gonna be a boring day for me. 😀

IMG_4575Red flowers

On the 13th and 14th of February, I passed by Canary Wharf as usual on my way home. I saw crowds of men choosing roses at Waitrose and men in long queues in gift shops everywhere. One of the stores even had to close its doors to accommodate the mostly male queue.

IMG_4576 IMG_4587 IMG_4589

I found it a strange phenomenon, mainly because I didn’t expect the number of men who took this day seriously. Whether it was an overrated celebration or a gesture to meet their partner’s expectation, it was a sweet thing. But I would like to believe that these men for whatever reason, would like to make the other halves happy! I could imagine these men looking forward to their girlfriends’ or wives’ happy face. After all, it was the supply from the manipulative retailers who meet their demands.

p.s. I should really restrain myself from using my Iphone photos for the blog.