Valentine’s Day [Part l]

As I walked past shops a week before Valentine’s day, many shops had started preparing their displays and windows for the upcoming day. Somehow, I felt disgusted with this celebration. It was a subconscious reaction to Alex’s idea of not wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day in general, for the reason it has been thoroughly commercialised by the retailers. Although I agreed with his thinking, it doesn’t stop me to sulk and think like a small girl that it’s gonna be a boring day for me. 😀

IMG_4575Red flowers

On the 13th and 14th of February, I passed by Canary Wharf as usual on my way home. I saw crowds of men choosing roses at Waitrose and men in long queues in gift shops everywhere. One of the stores even had to close its doors to accommodate the mostly male queue.

IMG_4576 IMG_4587 IMG_4589

I found it a strange phenomenon, mainly because I didn’t expect the number of men who took this day seriously. Whether it was an overrated celebration or a gesture to meet their partner’s expectation, it was a sweet thing. But I would like to believe that these men for whatever reason, would like to make the other halves happy! I could imagine these men looking forward to their girlfriends’ or wives’ happy face. After all, it was the supply from the manipulative retailers who meet their demands.

p.s. I should really restrain myself from using my Iphone photos for the blog.

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