The faulty machine charger

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I am feeling so moody now because my Macbook has decided to stop working. Or to be more exact, I suspect that it is rather the charger that is not working! I am not sure. It is just not charging. No green LED light. So no working power charger, powerless machine.

To get it fixed, I will need to bring the

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machine to the Apple store. It is impossible to meet the technical support team without an appointment, not in busy London.

I scheduled a call with their support team. I like this service as I can choose my preferred time for them to call me rather than vice versa. Many inconsiderate customer services put their customers, who are in need of help through the long and emotionless machine-operated messages. Even worse, to bombard them with 829472839 button choices!

After a lengthy chat with the long- winded advisor, I was promised that I would be able to exchange my power adapter for free as the machine is still covered by warranty. When I called the resellers, they said the exchange policy didn’t exist and insisted that the Apple support team kept giving the wrong information to the customers. It was frustrating!

The Apple genius bar only take bookings up to the the next 7 days, and the next appointment will be on the coming Tuesday. We have a spare Macbook Air which we bought early this year, but I just realised I actually prefer working on the Pro version, because of the wide keyboard with enough space for the wrists.

Aww, one more week to the possibility of getting the machine fixed.

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