What I was doing this time last year

This time last year , I was on the plane from Kuala Lumpur to London, to start the job hunting adventure. The significant difference I noticed was the weather. It was cold last year, but not as cold as this year, where in March the temperature still sometimes go below 0°C with snow forecasted for Saturday. In London! It is the end of March! Flowers should be blooming by now.. People tend to associate the cold weather with global warming, but some said this phenomenon happens once every few decades, like a big wave on a graph.

Enough of weather talk. So last year had been an exciting and unforgettable one. I think I should write about it,  and I have already started to put it in words. It will be very lengthy because I have to include my experiences, my thoughts, my plans, my gratefulness, my frustration, my vision and blah blah blah. I will have to split it into a few posts……

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