Impulsive haircut

In a midnight, upon arriving home after drinking at a hotpot party, I decided that I should cut my own fringe. From what I recall, I wasn’t drunk at all, but I was hit by a sudden resolve to change my habit of procrastination. To make the immediate change, I started with the first task on my reminder list – ‘cut my hair fringe’.

Without any further delay, I took out a pair of hairdressing scissors from the drawer and sat in front of the mirror. I twisted my front hair and cut it without any hesitation. To be fair, I contemplated for a few seconds to decide if the ideal length should be below or above my eyebrows. Apparently, my estimate was way off and subsequently, the fringe was cut way too short!

It didn’t look too bad for a pin-up fringe style at first glance, but I still thought I looked really silly. I ended up clipping up my fringe to work for the whole week. Alex said that I looked like a mushroom, but a cute one of course! The image of Super Mario immediately came across my mind.

Now, the first lesson of the story is never to cut my own hair again after a party. The second one is if I ever want to cut my hair fringe again, I should trim it little by little. Even worse, I didn’t remember that I have already made an appointment for a hair cut the following Sunday. Hair salons normally offer free fringe trimming if I am their customer, or I can get it done for a fiver if I am not. So that makes it lesson three!


This photo was taken after the hair cut. Not so much of a mushroom look anymore, after the hairstylist applied his magic to make the fringe grew almost immediately!

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