2012 Serpentine Gallery Pavillion and my outfit

Last year’s London Serpentine Gallery Pavilion was designed by the architects Herzog and de Meuron and the artist Ai Wei Wei. I can’t believe I couldn’t find a single photo of the whole pavilion but many close up photos of two ducks on the roof! This is what happens when Mr T is the one holding the camera.

Sou Fujimoto is the architect for 2013’s pavilion design. I can’t wait for the summer to arrive and this year’s bitter winter to end. The news reported that this winter has been the coldest one in 50 years. Pah! Apparently every year’s winter is the coldest winter, but this winter is admittedly taking too long to end. 2013’s spring/ summer will be greatly enjoyed and appreciated!

DSC_0642Duck number 1

DSC_0643Duck number 2

For the sense of completion, these photos are taken from the website, Exploring Art in the City to illustrate how the pavilion actually looked like.


dsc_5540Interior clad in cork + seatings shaped like wine cork made of cork!


And the outfit photos of the day:

1 DSC_0571

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