Me and my cameras

The first camera that I brought with me to the UK was a Panasonic Lumix compact camera. Unfortunately, in less than a year, I dropped it on the ground. So that was that, a very dignified death in the middle of the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. But not quite – a few months later, I sent it back to Malaysia for repair and managed to get it back to working order. My dad became the new owner.

After its untimely demise and before sending it back for repair, I bought a Fujifilm F100fd compact camera to use. The colour of the photos was rich and I really loved it. The photos didn’t need much tone and colour adjustments, and the only downside was its weak performance in low lighting conditions. This time around, I purchased an extended warranty of three years. Within that three years, I sent the camera back for repair five times! (Due to countless drops and carelessness for not using a camera case half of the time). Warranty well used!

Two years later, Alex and I got a DSLR camera together. That is the Nikon D90 which we are still using now.

In 2011 I got my Iphone 4s, and started using cameras lesser and lesser. I even left my Fujifilm camera with my dad back in Malaysia. His Panasonic camera (originally mine) has reached the end of its renewed life. A few days before I flew back to the UK, he asked if I was taking the camera with me. His body language made it clear that he wasn’t expecting me to do so. And that was how my relationship with my second compact camera ended…

I always thought that with my iPhone and D90, it’s perfectly fine not to have a compact camera. With photo editing apps and many filter choices, who needs a camera? Nevertheless my tolerance with the noise on Iphone photos eventually reached its limit and I made the decision to get my third compact camera.

So now, I would like to introduce the Sony RX-100. A colleague who is also a professional photographer recommended it. The new camera is much really lightweight but has a bigger sensor compared to other cameras of the same range. Most importantly, it performs really well under low lighting, one of the essentials for dinners, parties and UK gloomy weathers!


Photos unedited:

DSC00470Amsterdam canals

DSC00294DSC00278 DSC00282DSC00255Dim indoor without flash

DSC00110Rotterdam city library

DSC00073 DSC00031

DSC00486I wanted to take a photo of the dull lighting and a really ugly lamp in a hotel we stayed in last weekend in Amsterdam. Even a terrible lamp looked better with the camera!

DSC00511Autostitch panorama

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