Alexander Fridja the clothes steamer

Please meet my new clothes steamer, Mr Alexander Fridja! To clarify, first of all, I didn’t name him after Mr Alex T. Alexander is the name given by the company (Fridja) for this colour of the model. They are all named after designers, with names like Alexander, Karl, Coco etc.

Alex T and I picked Alexander Fridja from a sales booth at the London Fashion Weekend. While a household item is probably the last thing I expect to get in a fashion event, it was a good bargain. We did some instant reviews check on the mobile and found out that he is indeed a reliable piece of machine. Sales assistants nowadays are no longer able to make false pitches easily, thanks to mobile 3G.


Alex T’s condition on getting Alexander Fridja was that I will the one doing all the ironing work in the future. It sure doesn’t sound like a fair deal at all!, but Alexander Fridja is a little luxury ironing item, which I have always wanted. I might start to sound like a housewife, but ironing is definitely not my favourite household chore (None is).

Alexander Fridja was meant to replace our 4 year old steam iron, a cheap basic iron due to our tightly-budgeting student days. A few months ago, it started showing a rebellious side by spewing limescale while ironing, staining several white shirts. Using the same London water, Alexander Fridja might do the same. But as he is so special, I feed him with filtered water to avoid that! So that’s a little introduction of Alexander Fridja.


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