Outfits in Paris

ZARA black top | ASOS blazer | H&M skirt | OASIS bag | ZARA wedges | ZARA

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PRIMARK stripe top | ASOS blazer | BALENCIAGA bag | ZARA wedges

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| ZARA necklace

The easter weekend in Netherlands

Our Easter weekend was spent revisiting Netherlands for the third time. It has been exactly five years since our last trip there. Those were student days when we could only afford to travel to Amsterdam for a few days, staying in hostels and surviving on kebabs, supermarket sandwiches and vlaamse friten. And before that, there was a brief study trip to Maastricht during our exchange program.

We have always wanted to visit Rotterdam, Utrecht, windmills and flower fields. Revisiting a country is always a difficult choice because there are always other, new countries to go. Towards Easter, flight tickets to other places in our list were so expensive that flying to Netherlands seemed to be the wise choice, although we started rethinking that when we got there and it turned out to be equally or even colder than the UK. Most Britons flew to warmer places to escape the bitterly cold and extended winter this year, caused by firstly the diminishing Gulf Stream from the southwest, and then by the Jet Stream that came from the arctic.

DSC00323DSC00327DSC00175DSC00338DSC00360DSC00409DSC00457DSC00468DSC00470DSC00477With the seemingly never-ending winter, we couldn’t go cycling along the picturesque flower farms again (as I have promised Alex that I would)! That would probably and hopefully give us an excuse to revisit Netherlands again in the future. Plus, Rijksmuseum (the art museum that Alex desperately wanted to visit) would only reopen on April 13th after a decade of refurbishment, exactly two weeks after this trip. So that was the second thing that we missed!

DSC00493DSC00512DSC00527DSC00547Alex said there was something about the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) that appealed a lot to him. It was probably because of the Dutch, who are rated as the happiest people in the world, or as he claimed, as it was associated with his memory of discovering me.