Being fussy and critical

There is a fine line between being critical and being fussy. As a designer, a pair of critical eyes helps to differentiate the work’s quality. It is not only for judging others’ work but the most important work to be judged is our own. Sometimes we might leniently allow ourselves to accept our own work which are just barely nice enough. Similar to the school examination system, it is the final 10% that makes a piece of work achieve a recognition of excellence.

Developing a critical eye can unfortunately also be seen as being fussy or having an expensive / high maintenance taste.

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The spring weekend in Paris

When I was studying in Glasgow, I always assumed that people who stay in London are able to go to Paris anytime they want. Now that I have the opportunity to stay here, reality is unfortunately not as what I had imagined.

London to Paris is  merely 2.5 hours away by train, but any plans for Paris made at the last minute can be extremely pricey. A standard return ticket tomorrow can easily cost up to £160 per person. To make it worthwhile, the wise choice will be to spend a few days there, which means the cost should also include the accommodation. Hotels in Paris are not cheap either! All in all, travelling to Paris from London is not as flexible as I thought.


In May, Alex’s company organised a day trip to Paris. Since his train tickets were already paid for, I decided to join him after his trip and my work on the Friday. The main activity of his company’s trip was to take the boat tour with lunch on the River Seine, with various organised itineraries after that.

By the time we checked in to our hotel, it was already 11pm. That gave us only a full Saturday in Paris before heading back to London on Sunday evening.

DSC00738DSC_0430I remember vividly that I was extremely excited to explore Paris the first time I arrived. Visiting the Eiffel Tower felt as if my dream had come true (although I don’t think I had any strong desire to see it before the trip). But seeing the Eiffel Tower again and again, whether from a near or far distance, never failed to melt my heart. I visited Paris the second time when my dad came to visit, and the beautiful city continued to charm me. During our third visit, we skipped the usual tourist attractions and explored local neighbourhoods that we didn’t had the the chance to do so before if xx counts. =) By doing that, we glimpsed a more local colour of the city.

We did not even go near the Eiffel Tower this time, but had a glimpse of it from a far distance.

DSC_0308DSC00739 DSC00887I will still feel excited if I have a chance for another Parisian adventure, but if I am to plan a trip to France again, it will be to the beautiful Cote d’Azure region.

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