Staying alone

While I was excited about this new adventure of staying alone, I started to realise that it is not only loneliness that I would have to deal with. Obviously I am not the only one in the world doing this – staying abroad alone, but my situation also seems to be more difficult without having any family members, housemates, or many close friends around.

On the first day after Alex left, I got locked out of my own apartment. My cousin and her husband were staying with me during that weekend, and had mistakenly locked the second lock of my main door which I did not have the key for. I was glad to be able to wait at a friend’s house nearby. This incident made me realise that I will need to be extremely careful with my keys in the future. I shall leave a set of keys in my office or with someone else, in case my landlord is not around.

Not only that, I’ve also realised that I can not to afford to lose my debit card as well, especially during the weekend when the bank is closed. I am used to making every payment with the card, so I keep hardly any cash in my wallet. In the past, if I can’t find my card, I would still be able to use Alex’s card.

Last but not least, I am not good in running errands because I tend to forget about them easily. Obviously there are reminder apps and notebooks, but my biggest problem was also that I would make lists and then promptly forget that I made them. Now, I have to cultivate a habit of using the reminder list because my verbal reminder (Alex) is about 11000km away and 8 hours ahead.

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