I collect art in the form of fashion

This black maxi skirt I wore has been very fortunate to travel with me from Malaysia to Glasgow then to London and finally to Istanbul. I have also worn it to Edinburgh and Rome. I got this maxi skirt when I was 16 in Sungei Wang. Those were the days when I loved to hang out there. Good and cheap shopping!


I am not someone who takes good care of my stuff. My laptops and cameras are normally scratched within months of purchase. But I am very particular with caring for my clothes. I hang most of my dresses and shirts with velvet or wooden hangers to keep them in shape. Those that can’t fit on my clothes rail are folded and organised by patterns and colours. I hand wash most of my clothes, which explains why my laundry bag is always full, because it is impossible to clean all of them at the same time. I vacuum-seal my accessories, stuff paper into handbags to keep them in shape and store most of my shoes in clear plastic boxes with air holes to allow them to breath.

I have many clothes which cost only a few pounds, but what makes it worth the effort is that I once fell in love with them. I get very upset if I find out that an item is out of shape or is damaged. But many times I do not even remember owning certain clothes! Once, I left some clothes in Malaysia and didn’t realise it until a year later when I saw one of my sisters wearing them. As they say, out of sight out of mind.

I am currently having a ‘fun time’ packing my stuff! I ordered 5 big cardboard boxes expecting to use only 3. I clearly underestimated the amount of remaining items I have. Alex shipped all of his stuff as well as most shared items when he left. My bags and shoes alone has already taken up the space of 3 big boxes. I escape the guilt by telling myself I collect art in the form of fashion…


What I wore in Istanbul..

IMG_0089_DSC1430IMG_0221IMG_0072_DSC1871IMG_0224 IMG_0059

URBAN OUTFITTERS stripe top | Black maxi skirt I got when I was 16!  BALENCIAGA Padlock bag | MELISSA shoes | TRAFFIC PEOPLE multi colour bracelet | SWAROVSKI Gold plated crystal ring | JANE CARR silk scarf | PALOMA PICASSO sunglasses

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