Me vs food

Now that Alex is back in Malaysia, I need to deal with heavy bags of groceries on my own again. Alex forbade me to do groceries when he was here, as I always came back with 90% junk food and 10% proper food. Doing groceries on my own again reminds me of the days when I first arrived in the UK and Alex and I were not together yet. It is a good ending of this chapter where I have to go through the same routine, only to know that I have grown up by being wiser in shopping for my groceries (10% junk and 90% food =D)

People around me might have predicted that without my personal chef (who else), I might be relying on takeaways heavily. Unexpectedly, this has not happened so far. Perhaps it was me realising that no one will be taking responsibility of me except for myself, that has made me more conscious of the choices I make. The food poisoning incident last week has alerted me to be more careful in dealing with my food – checking the expiry dates and making sure not to overbuy groceries. I try to have a proper and healthy meal every evening despite a long day at work, and learned not to rely on the instant noodles. As it is not easy to cook for a single person, I tend to cook for two and keep half for tomorrow’s lunch in the office.

Now, I will also need to check that I have all my ingredients ready before cooking. Once I forgot to restock the kitchen foil, so I roasted the chicken on the baking tray without any foil. It took me ages to clean the tray afterwards. I went to the supermarket the next morning and bought the cheapest one available, only to realise that those were fine gauge foils not suitable for oven use – something I never thought existed!



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