Welcome me back to Malaysia!

Happy 2014!

I moved back to Malaysia 3 months ago and it has been many days since I have written a proper blog post. I miss writing and as usual there are too many topics – the places I visited, the books I read and the plays I watched last year – I wanted to blog about but didn’t have the time to.

Some might wonder what I have been busy with since I have not been employed since leaving my job in London. At the moment, I’m focusing on the side projects I have started with Alex over the past few years. Aside from the hours spent sleeping, eating and lounging at the couch, I spend the rest of the time working. For some, my projects might be just another online store, but for me, I take this opportunity to learn more about e-commerce and business. I treat this as a self-assigned project – to learn doing by doing. The learning process should not limited to the time spent in schools, and I believe this knowledge will be useful one day.

Just to clarify: I will definitely make my move back to architecture, but only when I am prepared to do so (not very far away now).



1H&M top | ZARA skirt | MELISSA heels | BALENCIAGA padlock bag ASOS necklace