Do past achievements determine a good life in the future?

If I have to count my regrets, from what I have done and what I have not done, I do not think there are many. Even if there are any, I can rationalise most of them so that they are perceived as lessons of my life, and they are no longer seen as regrets. In fact, the biggest regret I have is not updating my blog often in the past few years! When I try to relive happy moments in my past, the memories get vaguer over the years and sometimes I even doubt if my memory serves me correctly, seeing that  our brain creates false memories all the time.

Now, whenever I feel uncertain about my decisions, especially at an age where you have more to lose, I tend to look back on how I got things done in the past. Sometimes I feel wiser after writing it down, from summarising my experiences. In moments when I have low-esteem or am feeling stupid, I could track down the blog posts when I once felt positive, and indulge in my wisdom that appeared once upon a time.

However, one needs to understand that what worked in the past may not work again. Life is a never ending learning process. Learning is crucial and failing is still optional. The good thing is, knowing that one succeeded with the right attitude in the past, the learning curve can become less steep. I think that it is not about having the right formula to succeed, but to have the right attitude.

It’s easier said than done. Even if I was once persistent, held on to my beliefs and achieved what I wanted, it doesn’t mean that it is easy or even possible to do it again. That’s life. Therefore, this blog should serve to be a reminder to myself, to keep these thoughts close to heart.




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