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My name is Flora. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, I am currently working in an architecture practice in London.

I find it ironically difficult to write about myself. A short page like this is hard to justify who I am and what this blog offers. Perhaps it works better by elaborating the reasons why I blog. Hopefully it helps to tell what more can be expected from this blog!

I started Suangyee.com with the idea of sharing my study and living abroad experiences with my family and friends. It was also my online journal to record things I have seen and experienced. With the evolution of technology, my family now keeps updated about my life here through Whatsapp, Facebook and Facetime. For some time, the blog seemed redundant. Despite that, I continued to keep my blog alive half-heartedly, as a tool for self-exploration.

For now, it is the notion of ‘to learn writing by writing’ that keeps me continue blogging. I organise my thoughts by writing out the unorganised thoughts. Apart from all the random babble, I also include many random photos of my travel trips, daily life details and outfits!

In the end, the best way to know more is to read the blog, Enjoy!

p.s. I have moved back to Malaysia recently. Will need to update this page again soon.

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