Fog and mist

To show my seriousness about my discussion with molex…

What is the difference within fog and mist?

1. Fog is distinct from mist only in its density. Fog is defined as cloud which reduces visibility to less than 1 km, whereas mist is that which reduces visibility to less than 2 km.

2. The only difference between mist and fog is visibility. This phenomenon is called fog if the visibility is one kilometre or less (in the UK for driving purposes the definition of fog is visibility less than 200 metres, for pilots the distance is 1 kilometre). Otherwise it is known as mist.


So.. fog or mist?


London forecast?

I thought I was looking at the Glasgow forecast all the time…

Noo, I bookmarked the forecast for Glasgow, but why did the forecast of London appear? Today, when I opened my bookmarked page, the forecast for Glasgow appeared..

Anyway, today is another misty day.

Part of life

“When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability… To be alive is to be vulnerable.”
Madeleine L’Engle (1918 – ), “Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art”, 1980

7 days to adulthood… I am not sure of where I am going to be at this time next year.

Only a month makes a lot of differences in my plan, not to say a year.

I just wish for a happy birthday for myself…

Looking forward to Ghent

Am applying for an exchange programme to Ghent…
“Ghent is a city with a population of a quarter of a million. Its size and position allow the inhabitants to enjoy a city with an interesting crossover between open cosmopolitanism and the quiet atmosphere of a provincial town. Ghent is thriving as many young people choose to live here instead of in the narrow-minded countryside or the crowded and disintegrating city centers of Brussels and Antwerp. “ –Wikitravel
a perfect lifestyle balance…

Image source: visitbelgium

Image source: ghent (wikipedia)

Ghent at night
Image source: Ghent (wikitravel)

What changed my mind about applying for the exchange programme was the perception that studying there will be easier on the workload. International students on exchange here party almost every night. It’s not that I am a party person, but it’s just that I’m so sick of assignments every semester and hope that I’ll be able to chill while studying. Well, to be frank, my life here is already pretty chilling for an archi student; I am able to watch series after series, work part time, cook, and sit in library for half a day.
That was before I realised that there are only going to be three subjects for those who are staying here next semester.


Basically, there isn’t much to do for history; doing just one presentation during the whole semester, attending lectures and one 2500 words essay submission at the end of semester. Whereas, the portfolio is just a “compulsory” elective where students are required to compile their previous panels and recompose them into A1 panels for the RIBA part 1 review.

So…. just studio-ing for the whole semester.

I’m not sure about the syllabus for Ghent archi school, but we still have to do history essay and portfolio regardless. And last but not least… studio. It seems like more workload?!!

With studio, I’ll never get to chill… Anywhere will be the same. It’s architecture. Studio work just needs constant research and solutions.

Well… for a more proper reason….

Staying in Ghent seems much more convenient to travel around continental Europe. Belgium is a country situated in northwest Europe, and is bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France with a short coastline on the North Sea. That just gives me the impression that it’ll be less hassle to make plans to go around Europe; just like Malaysia to Singapore or Thailand.

Image source: studyabroad
My mum said that she needs a magnifier to find its location.

Time to pick up some Dutch… and nice chocolates~~~

Why blog

jinglegal says (9:55 PM):
i dun find any purpose to blog

molex says (9:55 PM):

molex says (9:55 PM):
then can u find any reason not to blog?

jinglegal says (9:56 PM):
my reason not to blog is why blog

molex says (9:56 PM):


50% of my friends have blogs.
50% of these 50% abandoned their blogs after only few months’ posts.
50% of the remaining 50% update their blogs once in a blue moon.

So… ehmmm….
only 17.5% of my friends keep their blogs updated.

how far can go?